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Starting off my career in marketing, I have always loved design. Please see some of my past design work that led me to my UX design journey below:


Melange Beauty (2020)

Optimizing Ad Effectiveness When Marketing Cosmetics

For my Consumer Behaviour course's final project, my team created a fake lipstick brand and used Facebook's A/B testing function to evaluate the effectiveness of 2 different ads. Our professor was extremely pleased with the project; he asked if he could use our work as an example next year, and we achieved an A+ for the project.

L'Oréal Learn (2020)

Providing a Customized Beauty Experience

Through L'Oreal Brandstorm, L'Oreal's annual international case competition, my team designed an app that created customized makeup tutorials based on users' facial features and personal styles to tackle the lack of diversity in makeup tutorials. Then, like a meal prep kit, consumers will get the exact products they need to create the look. Our project stood out to L'Oréal, leading to my L'Oréal summer internship offer. 

Please note: I focused on the user researcher and data analyst roles for this project while supporting my teammate with the design!


Weekly BCom Newsletters (2020)

Increasing Newsletters' Click-Through-Rate with Strategic Campaigns

As the Marketing and Communications Assistant at UBC Sauder School of Business, I was in charge of creating and sending weekly email newsletters to BCom students. I initiated 5 campaigns based on undergraduate students' needs and increased the newsletters' average click-through rate by 21%. Some notable campaigns included MBSI Role of the Week, Thrive Month, and themed drop-in sessions.  

TAIWANfest Instagram Stories (2019)

Raising Awareness of TAIWANfest 2019's Programs

As a Junior Media Coordinator at the Asian Canadian Special Events Association (ACSEA), I noticed the lack of awareness of TAIWANfest’s programs due to the long website browsing time. Therefore, I proactively created Instagram stories using Adobe Creative Suite to allow visitors to navigate the programs in under a minute. I organically increased followers by 47%, and engagement peaked at over 1,250 profile visits, 10,000 reaches, and 18,000 impressions. 

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Residence Life

Fostering Community in First-Year Residence

As a Residence Advisor, I fostered a welcoming community for first-year university students. Part of that is applying my creativity, design skills, and market research knowledge to create my floor decorations and event marketing. My notable achievements include hosting 3 fully-booked events. 

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